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Fire and ice. Move and shoot. Life and death. Super Stardust Delta is a game about absolutes. It isn't concerned with grey areas or depth, but this score-attack twin-stick shooter uses its simplicity to its advantage.

As was the case with previous Super Stardust titles, you control a ship orbiting a spherical force field surrounding a planet. Hazardous asteroids made of fire and ice rain down from above, and it's your job to melt and shatter mother nature's wayward minerals and rack up a high score in the process.

The colour-coded opposition is only vulnerable to one of your two main weapons, so you fight fire with fire and ice with ice. (Shouldn't that be the other way around?) Fans of Super Stardust HD will notice that the generic grey third variant of rock and its counter beam have been excised, but this only streamlines the action and makes weapon switching much more instinctive. This is a clear binary language that becomes second nature in all of two seconds.

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Admits to PSP interface failings.

Sony has pledged to right the wrongs of the PlayStation Portable with its successor, the PlayStation Vita.

One of the first questions Sony asked itself when creating Vita was how to improve on the PSP's controls.

"What we didn't do right with the PSP was where we started when we began the development of PlayStation Vita," president of Sony's Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida told Eurogamer sister site


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