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Yesterday’s post where I asked the question if your a musician should you fight piracy was very interesting. Most people agreed with my first inclination that you want the most fans no matter what the means. Therefore today I ask: Should musicians post all their music; full length songs on YouTube? Here’s my reasoning. Over time fans are going to post your full songs on YouTube. If you have a music video they will repost that. If you don’t have an official video they will just put the song up with some text or often they will get creative and have a slideshow of photos of you or something similar. Why not beat them to the punch this way you control the video? If you control it you can at least add links to buy your tunes somewhere legal. You can have your own annotated links, images, etc… If the song is a hit you could even make some money with Google AdSense. I’ve attached two examples to this post. The first one for my song One Night in NYC. It has over 800,000 views but I wasn’t the one who uploaded the the video. I certainly wish I did so. Maybe I can claim it somehow without it loosing it’s view count? The second example is for a song I recorded “Soul of Emptiness”. Someone just played the record and displayed the lyrics. I think most fans know the YouTube audio quality is cassette-ish so if they love the song they still seek out a better version to own. What do you think? Upload each song in full to YouTube starting on day one?

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