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The 12 Hottest Startups In Africa

The 12 Hottest Startups In Africa:


Startups in Silicon Valley usually get all the attention, but there’s a slew of startups in Africa that are aiming to effect change in the continent. 

In fact, there are now more than 90 tech hubs in across Africa, according to the World Bank. These startups are tackling issues like education, connectivity, and transportation.

In 2013, U.S. investors poured more money into African startups than any other year, according to CrunchBase.

12. Obami is like Facebook for education.

Obami is a social learning platform that brings teachers, students, and parents together. It also aims to connect them with NGOs, small businesses, and corporations that are doing good. 

With Obami, people can connect with other educators and students, as well as create and share content.

Number of employees: 7

Funding: N/A

11. Spottm is a private social network for your neighborhood.

Spottm helps keep you connected with your neighbors. Besides being able to buy and sell goods, Spottm makes it easy to report crimes and other incidents in your neighborhood. 

The network is totally private and safe. When you sign up, you must verify your address. The entire site is also password protected.

Number of employees: N/A

Funding: N/A

10. mPawa helps people in Ghana and Kenya find jobs.

mPawa is a job-matching application for the blue-collar sector in Africa. With mPawa, companies can post job openings. For job-seekers, they can create an online resume that’s visible to employers on the platform.

Using the mPawa matching algorithm, workers get matched to jobs that fit their skill set. Employers can request workers on the go, and job-seekers will receive a notification via text or email. 

Number of employees: 3

Funding: N/A

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