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Bomber Hehhe (New) > Dreamcast

Bomber Hehhe (New) > Dreamcast:
Bomber Hehhe (New)

Title : Bomber Hehhe (New)
Publisher : Fujicom
Game Type : A Bit Special
Console : Dreamcast

Price : £39.99

Highly original title seeing you play as demolition man on a host of buildings with varying amounts of TNT. Key to successfully toppling the decrepit tower blocks is the positioning of the dynamite, yet care must be taken to not spray the area with debris thereby reducing your score. An arcade mode is also present allowing you to destroy the bulidings slightly less cerebrally using tanks, helicopters and cannons. Of course being a Japanese title your not limted to skyscrapers: shops, submarine oil rigs, even UFO’s come into the equation.

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