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Bombuzal (Cart Only) > SuperFamicom

Bombuzal (Cart Only) > SuperFamicom:
Bombuzal (Cart Only)

Title : Bombuzal (Cart Only)
Publisher : Kemco
Game Type : Puzzle
Console : SuperFamicom

Price : £4.99

Genki has whittled away many an hour playing Bombuzal. Sadly not so many hours are on offer to whittle away, but it it one of those games that could prove not all hours pass at the same rate. The reassuring lift music may help, but the crux of the action involves detonating all bombs on screen. Action can be viewed from an isometric or overhead viewpoint to ensure the detonation doesn’t take out the player too or that the crumbling path that can only be crossed once is the right order to proceedings.

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