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The Cameraman (New) > PlayStation

The Cameraman (New) > PlayStation:
The Cameraman (New)

Title : The Cameraman (New)
Publisher : D3
Game Type : A Bit Special
Console : PlayStation

Price : £17.99

In Genki’s humble opinion the finest title to ever grace the PC Engine, lovingly updated for the PSX. The boy moves along the side scrolling screen watching out for hazards that need jumping over or avoiding. At the same time you have to keep your shutter focused on events in the mid distance to capture exclusive snaps in order to please your boss. Such events include appearances of ET, skirts blowing up Maryln Monroe style, rollerbladers falling flat on their chins… But don’t get too snap happy as film is limited. Its often worthwhile to have a shot at seemingly innocent people just to see what happens…. Gekisha Boy, we salute you. Also known as ‘Photograph Boy’.

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