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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014):

 The Winter Soldier

“If you cause enough trouble, people will willingly give up their freedom for a more secure world.” — Dr. Arnim Zola

Since 2008’s Iron Man, the main-on-end title sequence has taken on a dual role for Marvel Studios films. Not only do these finely crafted pieces provide the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies with one final flourish of action and one last injection of branding, they also keep the audience glued to their seats until the all important post-credits coda rolls.

Sarofsky’s minimalist main-on-end titles for Captain America: The Winter Soldier exemplify the newfound function of the end credits. Perfectly distilling the essence of the Russo brothers’ action-packed potboiler, the sequence plays up familiar superhero iconography and pares down the themes and characters to their most basic elements. Stars and stripes, shields and skulls, gears and tentacles, a grand conspiracy unfolding as heroes and villains battle it out in silhouette. Given the morally complex and uncertain world in which the film operates, the stark black, white, and red palette of the sequence provides an unexpected, contrasting backdrop.

With nods to both the graphic stylings of title designer Saul Bass and the innovative work of Silver Age comic book artist Jim Steranko, the Winter Soldier title sequence is one of Marvel’s boldest efforts to date.

A discussion with Main Title Director ERIN SAROFSKY of Sarofsky Corp.

Give us a little background on yourself and your company.

I started out in 2001, right after I finished grad school at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I immediately landed at Digital Kitchen just as they opened up their Chicago office. I began as a designer and, over the course of many years, became a creative director.

In 2006, I moved to New York to work as a creative director at Superfad. It was a wonderful experience, but I missed Chicago. So in 2008, I decided to move back…

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