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Cindy Sherman’s Halls of Mirrors

Cindy Sherman’s work has fueled countless arguments: Are her images self-portraits or not? Is she a feminist or not? Is her work too repetitive? But on this point there is agreement–Cindy Sherman is one of the most influential contemporary artists. The current exhibition at MoMA contains 171 images from the mid-1970s to the present. It is an echo-chamber of sorts, a world without men where women look at women looking at women. In these powerful conceptual images where self-identity is provisional at best, Ms. Sherman comes across as courageous everywoman. She is a skilled actress and a extraordinarily clever detective of type and personality. Ms. Sherman works alone, without an assistant. In interviews, Ms. Sherman has said that she found working with models to be frustrating, because it was hard to direct someone in what is essentially an intuitive and private process. The exhibition runs until June 11.

Cindy Sherman. Untitled #465. 2008.

Cindy Sherman. Untitled #119. 1983

Cindy Sherman. Untitled Film Still #56. 1980

Cindy Sherman. Untitled #216. 1989

Cindy Sherman. Untitled #137. 1984.