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Gaia Seed > PlayStation

Gaia Seed > PlayStation:
Gaia Seed

Title : Gaia Seed
Publisher : Techno
Game Type : Shoot Em Up
Console : PlayStation

Price : £119.99

The PlayStation gets its Radiant Silvergun rival with some superb results for this lesser known outer orbit blast. Chunkier sprites in the Irem style with some delightful parallax scrolling in the background for those with the luxury of being able to appreciate it. The stirring soundtrack sounds like Enya has produced it with suitable out of space mystery and intrigue wrapped up in its echoey notes.Imaginitive, creative, organic bosses lie in wait, often illuminated by the glow of planet Earth in the background with the eerie soundtrack. High end import gaming: believe the hype. Sometimes known as GaiaSeed Project Seed Trap.

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