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Heavy Metal Thunder > PS2

Heavy Metal Thunder > PS2:
Heavy Metal Thunder

Title : Heavy Metal Thunder
Publisher : Square Enix
Game Type : One on One Beat Em Up
Console : PS2

Price : £6.99

3D fighting game set to a heavy metal soundtrack as you may well have guessed. The metal overtones don’t stop there though with an o.t.t. announcer and in your face visuals. Combat takes place through selecting a move, often resulting in a clashing together of the two pugilists. When this happens two electric guitars appear for a frantic bit of strumming to be the first to build up the power meter to max. That’s when it all starts getting a bit weird as truly immense specials kick quite literally in. Be it to the backdrop of white cranes and an ancient temple or a Hokusai style sea painting, the opponent really cops it bad - no more so than being turned into a motorbike and ridden down the motorway to the pounding soundtrack. Visually splendid in fitting with the full on gameplay.

via - All New Arrivals