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Internal Section > PlayStation:
Internal Section

Title : Internal Section
Publisher : Squaresoft
Game Type : A Bit Special
Console : PlayStation

Price : £11.99

Joining a rather exclusive and cliquey genre being similar to Tempest and Rez, in I.S. the players ship stays in contact with a tunnel wall at all times as enemies advance along it. To take them out the ship rotates around the wall, but its actually the wall that moves to avoid causing motion sickness with the ship staying rooted to the bottom of the tunnel. The boss in waiting allows the ship to move more freely and test out the full arsenal with weapons based on the Chinese Zodiac. Gooey, garish, psychedelic graphics and a pulsating techno soundtrack add to the tranced out feeling when being in the hole too long. But it does look rather special and a tribute to Squaresofts genre defying approach.

via - All New Arrivals