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Onita Atsushi FMW (Cart Only) > SuperFamicom

Onita Atsushi FMW (Cart Only) > SuperFamicom:
Onita Atsushi FMW (Cart Only)

Title : Onita Atsushi FMW (Cart Only)
Publisher : Pony Canyon
Game Type : Sports
Console : SuperFamicom

Price : £5.99

The FMV of the title stands for Frontier Martial-arts Wrestling a Japanese predecessor to the like of K1. Four of the crew are taken from the FMW line up, the rest of the roster is made up from a motley crew of punch bags for the real wrestlers to go to town on. Background interactions add an element of the unknown into the sweaty equation, such as when random explosions put paid to plans of executing a clothes line. Nice selection of moves to be executed by the joypad dexterous.

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