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Taito Memories Two Vol One (Hits) (New) > PS2

Taito Memories Two Vol One (Hits) (New) > PS2:
Taito Memories Two Vol One (Hits) (New)

Title : Taito Memories Two Vol One (Hits) (New)
Publisher : Taito
Game Type : A Bit Special
Console : PS2

Price : £24.99

A tasty twenty five slices of Taito coin op history with something for everyone to roll up and play. Of those that may be unfamiliar to Genki gaming gurus, Ben Bero Bee is a nice Elevator Action style platformer with raging fires requiring extinguishing. Ninja Kids is a fun fight title with Asuka & Asuka and Flying hawk two very tidy shooters. More familiar territory comes in the shape of Darius II, Rayforce, Bubble Memories, SCI, Chuka Taisen and Rainbow Islands providing some real class.

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