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Transistor players must unravel the relationship between Red and her weapon

Original author: 
Alexa Ray Corriea

In a presentation during E3 at Sony's PlayStation booth, Supergiant Games' showed off their upcoming game Transistor running on PlayStation 4, with developers Greg Kasavin and Amir Rao providing commentary over a gameplay trailer released earlier this year.

Kasavin says Red's weapon, the Transistor, has been infused with the consciousness of a man who has passed away. Part of the game's story will be unravelling the nature of the relationship between Red and the man who has become the Transistor, Kasavin said.

Players will be able to set up attack sequences, scheduling out a series of moves that will best combat the enemies Red has to face. Players will be able to "set up a strategy on their own terms," Kasavin said. The Transistor...